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Batfang Headband


Armor Class: +2
Weight: 1.5
Classes: All
Race: All

Effect: None
Effect Info: None

Average Price: 150pp
Rarity: Uncommon

Mob Info: Dropped by Chief Goonda in the Ogre Camp in West Karanas.  The Chief is a shaman around level 34.  He is a semi-common spawn and when he does show up he immediately summons a pet.  I was recently at a small big raid on the camp and the chief spawned about three times.  We took him with no trouble at all will 2 full groups.  The best way to kill the Chief is to set up a guild raid or get together a bunch of your friends and attack the camp.  He is hard to kite because there are ogres all around him and he had high resistance in magic.
Miscellaneous Info: The Chief also drops batskull earrings which sell for around 800 platinum.  A great money maker.