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Crown of King Tranix


Armor Class: +13
Weight: 1.0
Classes: All
Race: All

Effect: Serpent Sight
Effect Info: Grants Infravision to the target.  Lasts long enough for one EQ night.  The effect is random with unlimited charges.

Average Price: 25000pp
Rarity: Very Rare

Mob Info: Dropped by King Tranix and also rarely by his pet, King Tranix Pet.  This is a very hard level 52 Giant that spawns at the entrance to Nagafen's Lair.  He has approximately 15500 hitpoints.  He is a Shadowknight and therefor has the very annoying ability of being able to cast Harm Touch, a shadowknight equivalent to Lay on Hands except Harm Touch does damage.  It is weak to Cold Spells and cannot be mesmerized.  
Miscellaneous Info: The common drop from this creatue is the Polished Mithrill Torque.