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To receive the Lupine Claw Guantlets you need two things. You will need a werewolf claw and 75 platinum. The werewolf claws are a rare drop from werewolves located in four different place in the world.

The first place is in the Western Plain of Karana. This werewolf is level 25 and has around 900 hit points. The spawn point is (-2133,-3785). The second place is in the West Commonlands. This werewolf is level 19-22 with 590-650 hit points. The three spawn points are (972,3412), (-229,802), (146,-284). The third place is in South Plains of Karana. This werewolf is level 31 with 1170 hit points. His spawn point is (-6149,-1085). The fourth and final place is in Kithicor Woods. The werewolf there is only 18-21 but Kithicor is a very dangerous zone during nights so it might be hard finding the creature. There he is level 18-21 with 570 hit points. The spawn points are (-399,1756), (233,1800), (-389,1352), (210,1382). Once you have the werewolf claw and the 75 platinum head to Karg Icebear in Everfrost. He is camped pretty much 24/7 so you have to ask whoever is camping him to let you talk to him and hand in your items. (Spawn point Unknown)

The final product is good for melee druids because of its attributes to Dexterity and Agility.