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This quest takes place in Crushbone.  Get in a group in the Castle and kill Emperor Crush.  He is around level 18 and spawns in the tower of the Castle.  He is really very easy with a full well created group.  The problem is Ambassador DVinn who usually spawns with him.  He is a level 22 but hits hard and fast when he has his Dragoon Dirk.  Have your group wait on the staircase and when the Emperor Spawns attack him immediately so that by the time the Ambassador spawns, Crush will be dead.  Keep him rooted so that he doesn't attack the nukers or run off and train hundreds of orcs back to you.  He almost always drops the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic.  It is a nice piece of armor except for the fact that Druids can't wear it.  Another quicker way to get the Tunic is to buy it from people in Greater Faydark but it is usually not being sold.  If it is it is only worth about 30 pp.  Once you have the Tunic in your possession, head over to the large cabin in the Slaver area.  Hand the tunic over the the middle dwarven smith.  Middle is very important, the other ones will not give a reward.  Hail the smith and he asks for a shiny brass shield.  Respond to him, "The King is Dead," and "What Ringmail?"  Now give the the tunic and The middle smith will give you a Dwarven Mace in return.  Now, wait fro the Orc Warlord to spawn.  He spawns outside the Castle, around the moat.  When he does, kill him.  This guy isn't nearly as hard as Crush being only level 14 but the spawn time can be very boring.  One technique is to have your group run around the castle and kill everything because one thing is probably a place holder for one of the Warlord's many spawns.  Once you kill him, loot the Bracers of Battle (If he has any that is).  It is a semi-rare drop.  The chance of getting one is about 1 in every 5 spawns.  Give the Bracer to the Elven Priest after saying, "The King is Dead," in the slaver cabin.  He will give you back a Prayer Cloth of Tunare which is also a good Druid Item.  Give the pads and Dwarven Mace to him and he will you you the Screaming Mace.  The Effect is similar to Yaulp II.  It gives you strength and AC.  The proc level is 10 which means that the effect will only work at level 10.  Note - You may want to do this quest a few times to get the Bracers of Battle and the Prayer Cloth of Tunare.