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In Rivervale, Hail Shakey while Reebo Leafsway is nearby. You will hear Reebo make some comment about Shakey. Pump Reebo for information. There are two quests that he gives out - the stuffing quest and the head quest. It seems his hay is too old and his head is about to crack.  You will need to get some Blessed Oil and a sack of Hay for the stuffing quest.
Located in West Karana in the fields in the southwestern section (the Miller farmland), you can find the hay. Wander around the fields following Cleet Miller until he drops a bag of hay. Watch out for the scarecrows that roam the fields (around level 17).
You can get the Blessed Oil in North Qeynos at the Paladin/Cleric guild (the spaceship guild). Standing outside the spaceship along one of the walls surrounding the is the person you need to talk to. Tell them "I will deliver the flask" to get the blessed oil.
Now comes the difficult part.  To get your hay "blessed", you need to take it to Roror in Feerott. He is located in the southern section near the water on the west side of the main path bridge. He wanders about quickly so you may want to get someone with tracking (if you don't have it already) to give you hand in locating him. His location is (-1452,1812).  When you find him, tell him to "bless my hay". Have 66g on you for this as that is the going price for having hay "blessed".  Hand in the hay and 66 gold to him.  He gives you back a sack of cursed hay.
Now, make sure your blacksmithing skill is up there (past at least 20) or get someone with a high blacksmithing skill to combine the Blessed Oil and "Blessed" Hay in a forge. If it is successful, give the new bag of hay which is called the sack of writhing hay to Shakey.
There are two rewards for this quest.  One is the Wee Harvester and the other is the Belt of the River. Below are the stats for both items and a picture of Roror.

- Special thanks to TheloniusTP of Tholuxe Paells for his wonderful quest submission.