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In Qeynos Hills, next a fire at the Surefall Glade zone line you will find a lady by the name of Chanda Miller.  She is sometimes camped by higher level people so if she isn't there just sit and wait.  When she spawns hail her.  If she doesn't respond tell her, "Your Brother Sent me."  Ask about her bear hide armor and she will fill you in on the information regarding the quest.  If your faction is not good enough with Chanda, you will have to go through the quests in order (belt, then boots) before you can get the cape.  Below lists the pricing and stats on the items.



Belt - 5 Gold and a Low quality Bear pelt
Boots - 15 Gold and a Medium quality bear pelt
Cloak - 21 Gold and High quality bear pelt


Item Stats Weight Race Class
Bear Hide Belt +4 AC 1.0 All All
Bear Hide Boot +5 AC 2.5 All All
Bear Hide Cape +6 AC 2.5 All All