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This quest is a good quest for newbies in the Qeynos area.  Talk to Larsk Juton in Surefall Glade and he will ask you to retrieve three Blackburrow Casks. If he doesn't thats ok just follow the rest of the walkthrough.  The Blackburrow casks can be found off Gnoll Brewers and Master Brewers in Blackburrow. The gnoll brewers are around level 10 and have two places of spawning.  The verified location is by the left side of the lake near the main bridge just below the spiral.  A single guardman spawns there every 18 minutes, with a rare brewer mixed in.  (5/6 chance for guardsmen and 1/6 chance for the brewer)  The casks are dropped about 1/4 of the time.  The other location that I have heard many times is under the elite ledge, by all the barrels. Return these three Blackburrow casks to Larsk and you will receive the Cloak of Jaggedpine.