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First go to Rivervale, City of Halfling, and find Marshal Anrey.  He is in the bank building.  Hail him and he gives you a quest to bring him four skins to "show your worthiness to join the leatherfoot squad.  He want a Polar Bear Skin from polar bears in EverFrost, a Grizzle Bear Skin from Gizzly Bears in the Karanas, a Shark Skin from sharks (or you can buy from a vendor at the Rivervale dock), and an Alligator Skin (from bull aligators in Innothule Swamp).  You get all these items and them turn them into Marshal Anrey, make sure that your faction with him is warmly or above or else the quest work.  Marshal give you a camp with 10 char.  When you get the cap, go to Greater Faydark and buy a Dragoon Dirk from people there (30-60pp).  Return to Marshal and give in the cap and dirk and you get the Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap