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The first part of this quest involves giving a Rat Ear Pie (made by the Baking Tradeskill) to Vin Moltor in Qeynos Aqueducts. You can do a small quest to get the Recipe for Rat Ear Pie and some faction with Arcane Scientists & Knights of Truth. This quest also lowers faction with Freeport Militia and Opal Darkbriar. Upon giving the Rat Ear Pie to Vin Moltor you will receive a four-slot container called Paw of Opolla. To activate the Paw's power you must place four rings in the container. The easiest ring to obtain is the Silver Ring. Enter the Blackburrow dungeon. Make your way to the first sub-level. Once you have gone down the descending hallway you should see what most Blackburrow veterans refer to as the "med room" or rest area. After coming down the hall there is a passage in front of you and a bridge to your right. Go on the bridge and then go down the ramp. In front of you, you should see a body of water. Swim to the bottom of this pond, and on the bottom there will be a Silver Ring. If it's not there just go back up and wait a while. I have seen the ring there on numerous occasions. Now that you have the Silver Ring, you should venture to Befallen to retrieve your Platinum Ring. Find Gynok Moltor. He usually is just roaming the area. If you are 30+ you should have no problem dispatching any trouble you might encounter in this dungeon. Once you have defeated Gyonk Moltor, you should loot his Platinum Ring. Now that you have the Silver and Platinum Rings, you must embark on a sub-quest for the other two rings. This quest begins in Kerra Ridge, which can be reached through Toxxulia Forest. This is to get 2 of the rings for the Paw of Opolla Quest. Melixis is a merchant that sells supplies for shaman-made potions. When you hail her she claims to have three [shiny tings] that she found all over the world. These shiny tings are [a dull ring] (the copper ring) and a [really shiny ring] (the gold ring). For the dull ring she wants a bracket mildew. For the really shiny ring shen wants Degenerated Guk Weed. All of these items drop off the Fungus Mutant in Upper Guk. This can be and extremely long camp for the Degenerated Guk Weed. Some people get the Weed on their first time camping it, while others have camped it for 20+ real time hours and never received the Degenerated Guk Weed. Once you have all four rings, put them in the Paw Container and hit combine, and Violas! You are now the proud owner of a Paw of Opolla.