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Located in Highpass Hold, there is a secret area under the pond.  This area is a smugglers' den.  Find a man by the name of Dyllin Starshine, he is the only one there that looks like a Qeynos Guard.  He is around level 12-16.  Kill him and loot his corpse for the Page 30 of Veishell's Tome.  The faction hit include (-Corrupt Qeynos Guard, +Guards of Qeynos, -Kane Bayle, -Circle of Unseen Hands, -Blood Sabers) Beware that when you attack him, the smugglers around him will attack you so be careful.  Now travel to Qeynos and locate the Crow's Tavern, (In North Qeynos).  Wait for a man by the name of Moodoro Finharm to come out of the Tavern and puke in the pond.  Give him 2 gold and he will give you a two slot book.  Then tell him you want the page 34.  He then offers to play a game.  You give him 4 gold and he gives you a card.  If it is a King, Queen, Beggar, or Knight then keep on giving 4 gold until you get the Jester.  This may take a long time to get the Jester so be prepared to spend some money.  Once you get the Jester, give it back to him and he will give you page 34.  Combine the pages in the page and you have got the Testament of Vanear.  Note: I have been told that it is safer to get the book and page 34 before you get page 30 because the faction lost when killing Dyllin Starsine may make you KoS in Qeynos.