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You will start out in your hometown city, Rivervale.  You should see a big black hole close by.  This is the zone to Misty Thicket where you will be hunting.  Once in Misty, kill bats, rats, bixies, shadow wolves, and if you can a fire beetle or two. 

The Druid guild is the zone that you start in, Rivervale.  In the zone you will find your Guildmaster.  First give him your note.  Then buy these spells (once you have the money) Burst of Flame and Snare.

Now you should mainly kill fire beetles and klacknak warriors until level 5.  They are a good source of experience and relatively safe. 

Now head back to Rivervale for your level 5 spells.  The major spells you need are Burst of Fire, Grasping Roots, Whirling Wind, Gate, Camouflage, and Harmony.  Harmony can be very useful in the later levels.  Harmony makes a monster " sleep " so if you attack a monster around them they won't aggro you.  After you buy those and you have enough money to buy more buy these minor spells: Invoke Lightening, Cure Poison, and Cure Disease.

Now you can move over to the other side of the wall.  It is fairly dangerous for levels 5-8 if you are alone so just stay in running distance to the guards.  Kill bears and goblin warriors.  If you can get in a orc or goblin group, that will take you up to level 8 very quickly.  Also, finally you get meditate! So go train in it.

Head over to East Commons.  Try to get in a orc group in the Commons. They give great experience.  Sometimes, they drop death fist slashed belts, which sell for up to 4pp.  Save up as much money as possibly because very soon spells are going to get insanely expensive.  The Belts are also great exp when you turn them in in West Freeport. Orcs are able to take you up to 14 if you stay long enough. Or at level 12 or so, you can head over to North Ro and get in a Dervish Cutthroat group.  Now that is very good experience.  A great way to pull is to cast harmony on the Dervishes and then pull then with a direct damage.  That way you won't be mobbed with too many things.

Return to Rivervale once again.  The major spells you will need are Ignite, Light Healing, and Shield of Thistles.  The minor spells you don't need but are nice are Enduring Breath, Firefist, Treeform, Strength of Earth, and Thistle Coat.


You can now kite, which in the later levels is a great way to level.  Here is what you do.  Head over to the monk named Jonah Brucker in Lake Rathetear.  She is level 15 with a 6 minute spawn time.  Don't worry you if she considers yellow to you are 14, can kick her arse.  Cast snare on her and run with SoW on. If she resists it then run ahead of her and cast it again until she is snared.  Then just continue running, then stopping, and then cast your Direct Damage or DoT spell on her until she is dead. She can take you up to 19 easy.  Or if you get bored you can go to Oasis or Unrest. Oasis is good exp but is crowded and has a lot of lag for most people.  While Unrest is great experience, it has bad trains and you die a lot. At 14 you also get Dodge, it is a fairly useful skill but you won't see it working until maybe level 17 but still but some skill points into it. 

The spells you will definitely need are healing, shield of barbs, superior camouflage, careless lightening, and all the teleportation spells.  The minor spells are cancel magic and dizzying wind.  To get these spells first go to West Commons and at the druid ring buy teleport to North Karanas.  Teleport there and buy the rest of your spells.


Here you have many options.  The first option is heading a zone over to South Karanas and kiting or getting into an aviaks group.  The Aviaks there can ranger anywhere from level 18-29.  The Avocets are the hard ones and they can whoop your butt if you aren't careful.  You kill the aviaks at the aviak tree house which is directly straight from the Lake Rathe zone.  The second option is to stay in Lake Rathe and get a camp spot on the Aviak Guards.  This is where I hunted and the experience was great.  I leveled extremely fast.  The third option is to kite the hermit in South Karana.  He is level 20 and the location is (-5473,-2653).  The list for the camp is often very long for this is also another great source of experience.  To get the hermit to attack you once he spawns inside the house, just walk up to the chimney and he should automatically attack you.  The fourth option is to Kite Saben Tucross in Lesser Faydark.  He ranges from level 20-22 and his spawn location is (1044,-1707).  There are some other options but these are the main ones that are usually used.  Also, at level 20 you get the skill Track which is extremely useful.  You should definitely but some training skill points into it for you will use it a lot.

The best place for level 22-24 is at the Split Paw entrance.  There you can kill Tesch Mas Gnolls, usually in a group.  They drop Fine Steel Weapons and up to 3pp.  They also drop Split Paw armor (gloves give +2 Wisdom.)

By this time you should be able to afford most all of your spells easily from saving money from the Gnolls outside PAW in South Karana and I would suggest grouping with only one other person at this time. Stay at the teeth outside Paw and kill gnolls. Its great money and great experience with only one other person. Try to find a Warrior or a Enchanter for the breeze you can get to speed up downtimes between gnolls. Once you get 29 you can afford all of your spells easily.

Once you get to level 29 there is a few things that will happen. One you will have the opportunity to make a lot of cash from Teleporting people all over Norrath.  Some Druids say that they don't charge but you should because you need all the money you can get for your spells.  If you don't want to teleport anyone go to anonymous status and you will not be bothered. As far as experience, if you don't have Scars of Velious expansion then you can solo gnolls until you want to stop.  The gnolls can take you up all the way to level 35 and if you are really desperate it took me up to 36! This will make you a lot wealthier and you gain experience very fast up to level 35.  Once you hit 30 make sure you put one skill point in each of your specializations. With specialization skills, four of the five skills will stop at 50 and one will continue all the way to 200 so make sure you get the one skill you want the most up about ten points ahead of the others right off the bat , you want this skill to go over 50 first out of the five. I took evocation over 50 cause I solo a lot and I need the least amount of fizzles as possible when soloing.
 Now if you have Velious expansion then I would strongly suggest you go over there and expect to stay there for the extent of your leveling for a few reasons unless you have something to do with quest items then of course to complete a quest you might have to leave for a while but as far as general exp goes, do it all in Velious. One reason is that most of the zones in Velious are outside zones which is beneficial to druids because a lot of there spells that are very important only work outside such as Spirit of the Wolf. The second reason is the loot there is usually pretty good. The third reason is that the experience for soloing is very good. Just find a spot where you won't be trained and kite away.  I went to Great Divide and soloed Frost Giants from the left ledge close to the zone.  It was great experience.  The fourth and probably the most important reason although its not official but I've had others say it and I have experienced it myself. When you die in other zones in Kunark, Antonica, Faydwer, and Odus, after level 40 you lose around one and a half to two yellow bubs of experience but in Velious I died twice, once in level 36 and once in level 40 and both times I only lost a half a blue bubble exp. (Same experience happened to me in the Eastern Wastes -Aline) This may be a bug or something but I've heard from others the same information. I hope this never changes but I'm sure it will with a patch.
 Now back to the leveling , At 29 if you are going Velious , North Ro on the beach there is a dock with a pirate in front of it. Wait for the raft and take that to a Island and then get off and run across the island to another dock and wait for the boat to pick you up and take that bigger boat to the dock on another island. This is the island you will stay at for a good deal of time. There is Snow Cougars here and they are great exp for you at 29 and I suggest getting in a group of three or four and pull cougars to the igloos till you hit about level 35. The Gnomes here will not help you so be careful how you pull and also NEVER go into Wolf Form cause the Gnomes will be KOS to you then. Once you hit 35 and get into your second Hell level I suggest you solo cougars till you hit 36. The Cougars also rarely give a Cougar Claw Earring which sells for around 800 pp if you wait long enough at East Commons Bazaar but I would suggest selling it for 500 pp and getting back to making EXP. There is also a spell located on one of the gnomes in a igloos there for a druid called Fury of Air. Grab this spell ASAP. Its a DD spell in the Careless Lightning line of spells and it is an all or nothing spell meaning it does 250 damage or its resisted but its not resisted much. Its safe to kite by the gnomes because cougars don't path that direction so pull to there and kite away =).

Now there is two more directions you can go here. You can stay at the Cougars and solo until 40, which might be a little slow, or you can go to the low side of the next island over to the left off the dock and you will see a Tower. There is a low area of land you will see a little ways from the tower when you swim over to the island. I call it the beach cause its the biggest lowest land section in this zone that I know of right by the water. This is a good place to bind and its safe here. Lodizal a 60th level Turtle doesn't path here nor does anything other than an occasional Snow Guardian, which can be disposed of quickly. Get in a group of about 2 or 3 and kill Dire Wolfs that spawn here up on top of the ridge near the tower. The rate of spawn is fairly fast but you can pull one at a time and control the spawn. If you don't see any for a while then more than likely they are stuck under the first little patch of ice you come to as you run down the beach. They get stuck under the ice for some reason. Just get on the ice and move over them and when they hit run back to your group on the beach and snare before they get there. The exp is really great on these but the loot is very bad. The Cougars on this island are generally a little higher than the others on the other island but they don't give the great experience that the dire wolves do.

Now once you get to 40 you should start soloing Dire Wolfs or get in a group no larger than 2 and the exp is great all the way out to 44. One thing you can start doing at 43 because the dires start turning green at 43 is you can go even further to the next island over near eastern waste zone and the dires here are generally higher than the dires by the tower. Ensnare 4 Dires and get them in a very tight group where it almost looks like only one dires but they are stacked on each other. Then cast Lightning Strike on one and it will target up to 4 Mobs and do 184 damage at level 43. You should be able to kill all four just about when you get out of mana. This is known as Quad Kiting and it gives around one and a half blue bubs each time you do it. One and a half blue bubs of exp for one full mana bar at 43 is a very awesome experience ratio.


Ok by this time you receive some more powerful spells than you have ever had. From 44 to 48 I would highly suggest you group with large numbers of people outside of Karnors Castle in Dreadlands over on the Kunark Continent. Five people is a good amount and with the right combination you can successfully achieve chain pulling and can rack up experience really fast. Six people is kinda an overkill but its still great experience. Typically what everyone does and its the most effective way to do it. They get in a group on the North facing wall of Karnors Castle outside. They then send a ranger or warrior or even a druid at times out into the grassy area and you pull stuff back to the group. Now lets Explain how to get there. Cast Circle of Combines to gate to the Druid Ring in Dreadlands. I don't know why they dont have a ring spell for this and maybe they do but I haven't found one yet. When you arrive just in the distance there is a tunnel of ice. Go through that tunnel and once you get on the other side you should see large hills and snow everywhere. This is a very mountainess area and its advised that you have invisibility and levitation cause damage from falls is huge in this area with spirit of the wolf on. Once you get through the tunnel go straight east. You will eventually come upon a Castle , the first castle you come too is not Karnors but its a good indication you are heading in the right direction. Keep going straight East and you will see the snow end and grassland areas start to appear. Keep following East and you will see Karnors Castle shortly after the grassy areas. Once there shout for a group and let the rampage begin.
Once you hit 48 you should probably solo until you hit 50 outside Karnors. The spawns occur at a very high rate. You shouldn't have any problem finding something to kill. Also to speed up your downtime its best to find an enchanter and let them give you Clarity which will speed up your mana regeneration thus allowing you to kill faster. Once you have hit 50 ....Congratulations , you have just topped out at the level that was originally set by Verant in the original Everquest but alas there is still 10 more levels to go and you should look into going into Karnors Castle next because you can cast SOW inside and Pack Spirit. I hope this helps everyone level faster and I'll see you in Karnors on the Karana Server if you are around my level.



Huge thanks to Guwin Winterwolf, a Druid for the 24th season on Mithaniel Marr for his wonderful walkthrough.

Also a huge thanks to Mechy Darktower for the Walkthrough above level 24.  He is a Level 50 Druid on the Karana Server.