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Plains Pebbles-All Karanas

Gorge Moss - Beholders Maze

Giant Hornet Egg-Burning Woods
Mendglow clay-Burning woods
Radiant Meteorite-Burning woods
Ice Crystals-Dreadlands
Drachling Silk-Dreadlands
Frost Crystal-Dreadlands
Honey Berry-Dreadlands

Tea Leaves - East Karana
Ancient Coin-Emerald Jungle
Emerald Palm Root-Emerald Jungle

Frost Turnip-Everfrost Peaks
Bixle Berry Pie-Field of Bones, Warsilik Wood
Deadbone Barley-Field of Bones
Farefire Seeds-Field of Bones
Iksar Phalange-Field of Bones
Dung Crawlers-Firiona Vae
Lichenclover-Firiona Vae, Field of Bones
Rose of Firiona-Firiona Vae
Drench Flower-Frontier Mountains
Frontier Stink Beetles-Frontier Mountains
Gold Nugget-Frontier Mountains

Wild Turnip-Kithicor Woods
Barracuda Bones-Lake of Ill Omen
Mud Crabs-Lake of Ill Omen
Vein Worm-Lake of Ill Omen
Water Reed-Lake of Ill Omen

Sylvan Berries in Lesser Faydark

Wild Cabbage-North Karana

Marr Cherries-Ocean of Tears***************

Rathe Berries - Rathe Mountains
Fire Dragon Crystal-Skyfire Mountains
Earth Dragon Crystal-Skyfire Mountains
Wind Dragon Crystal-Skyfire Mountains
Ice Dragon Crystal-Skyfire Mountains

Thunderhoof Mushrooms-South Karanas
Hopeless Willow Moss-Swamp of no Hope
Maneater Bud-Swamp of no Hope
Moss Root-Swamp of no Hope
Muckskipper Fish-Swamp of no Hope

Maneater Bud-Swamp of No Hope
Cockatrice Egg-The Overthere
Cracked Shell-The Overthere
Cursed Clover of Viesar-The Overthere
Wet Clay-The Overthere
Gunthak Sea Shell-Timorous Deep
Rile’s Sand Coin-Timorous Deep
Sand Crabs-Timorous Deep
Timorous Coconut-Timorous Deep
Cockatrice Egg-Trakanon Teeth
Emerald Orange-Trakanon Teeth
Mantrap Bud-Trakanon Teeth
Trakanon Fern Root-Trakanon Teeth, Sol B
Kromdul Carrot-Warslilks woods
Petrified Redwood-Warslilks woods
Sop Bark-Warslilks Woods

Miller Carrots-West Karana





Vineclinger Berries-Butcherblock
Miller carott-WK
Plains Peeble-NK, EK, SK, WK
Ro Dates-S Ro

Beholder Maze - Gorge moss
Blackburrow - Mushrooms
Butcherblock - Aviak Egg
Dagnors Cauldron - Cauldron Prawns
East Karanas - Tea leaves
East Commons - Griffon eggs
Erud's Crossing - Seahorse Roe
Everfrost - Tundra Turnips
Feerott - Alligator eggs
Greater Faydark - Cinnamon Sticks
Innothule - Speckled Toadstool
Kithcor Forest - Wild Radish
Lake Rathe - Rathe berries
Lavastorm - Ashweed
Lesser Faydark - Sylvan Berries
Mistmoore - Sylvan Berries
Misty Thicket - Black Root
Nektolus Forest - Glowing Lichen
North Karanas - Wild Cabbage
North Ro - Cactus pulp
Oasis -Sea Salt
Ocean of Tears - Marr Cherries
Qeynos Hills - Surefall Sap
Rathe Mtns. - Basillisk eggs
South Karana - Thunderhoof mushrooms
South Ro - Dates of Ro
Steamfont - Steamfont Spring Water
Surefall Glade - Surefall Sap
Tox Forest - Caynar Nuts
Unrest - Ashroot
West Commons - Plains roots
West Karanas - Miller carrots
All Karana's - Plains Pebble (no drop)

The lands of Faydwer will yield some very distinct foods to
the Master Forager, but they can be difficult to find. 
Throughout the forest of Greater Faydark one will find my
personal favorite, Cinnamon Sticks.  It
may be difficult to find these, as they are also a favorite of the Faeries and
Pixies, which inhabit the area. 
The wilder stretches of Lesser Faydark have the Sylvan
Berries.  It is thought that this plant
developed as a result of the magical influences of the Faeries and Brownies
living in the area.  Whatever their
origin, these berries will offer you a bit of variety from the normal Norrathian
The hot springs of Steamfont are an excellent source of pure
water, known as Steamfont Spring Water. But the water is difficult and sometimes dangerous to collect.  Be careful that you select a spring away
from any potential contamination.
It is ironic that the very thing, which troubles the
Dwarves, can also yield us an additional food source.  Aviak Eggs can be found here wherever the Aviaks nest.  I leave it to the individual to weigh the
moral implications of harvesting such items, let alone whether they are to your
Even the rocky environment of Dagnor’s Cauldron has
sustenance to offer.  Cauldron Prawns
are an unusual shellfish uniquely adapted to the harsh water.  They have a distinctive taste that may
appeal to some, and go quite well with traditional fish fillets.
This largest continent of Norrath, Antonica has a dizzying
array of food to be found.
The Nektulos Forest is a dangerous place for the followers
of Tunare or Karana.  But even here,
beneath the evil eye of Innoruuk, life adapts and flourishes.  The eerie glow of this forest is due, in
fact, to the Glow Lichen, which grows on the trunks of many trees.  This lichen, surprisingly, is edible.  One should not eat or use this for at least
one day after it has been taken from a tree. The roots of the plant have a mild sedative which will become harmless
as the roots wither and dry out.
The Lavatorm Mountains are another desolate area where life
still struggles to survive.  In the
various cracks and breaks in the rock, one may find small patches of Ashweed
growing.  The heat of the lava pools is
too much for the delicate plant however and is rarely found close to them.
There is little water in the deserts of North Ro, but what
little that falls is soaked up by the local Cactuses.  If one breaks open one of these sturdy plants, at the core you
will find Cactus Pulp, which is both food and liquid, and is an excellent tool
for surviving this sandy, heat blasted area.
The Oasis of Marr is not, in actuality, an oasis.  The water here is quite salty.  The shores of the oasis are actually a
hardened salt flat.  A small bag of Sea
Salt can easily be collected here and used to season almost any food.
Southern Ro is where the desert finally begins to give way
to greener forms of life.  The heat
here, however, still takes its toll, and the trees produce the hard, sharp
tasting Ro Dates.
While quite dangerous, life abounds in the Innothule
swamp.  On the trunks of the trees, near
the water line in shaded areas, one can find the Speckled Toadstool.  Care should be taken with this item, as
great concentrations of the toadstool can affect concentration and clear
Griffons forever trouble the Commonlands west of
Freeport.  If one is so inclined,
Griffon Eggs can be found in the various rocky outcroppings where these
creatures nest.  Raiding these nests can
be very dangerous and should not be undertaken lightly.
The Western Commonlands are home to a food much easier to
collect.  Plains roots can be found
throughout the area, and can add a distinctive taste to any meal.
Recently, Kithicor forest has been over run with
Undead.  This has drastically reduced
the supply of Wild Radishes throughout Norrath.  It is recommended that one only attempt to harvest this food
during daylight hours.
Misty Thicket, like the Western Commonlands, is home to an
easily harvested root, Black Root.  This
root, I hear, is also ground up and added to the tobacco that Halflings are
known to use in their pipes.  It
supposedly adds a very soothing taste and aroma and is considered a
delicacy.  It is unknown what the effect
of burning higher concentrations of the powder might be.
A surprise for foraging can be found in the Beholder’s Maze
area.  Gorge Moss grows on the walls of
this dangerous area and may appeal to the tastes of some.
The plains of Karana are rich in life, and foraging can be
quite successful in these areas. Eastern Karana is home to my second personal favorite item, Tea
Leaves.  A cup of Karana Tea and a
Cinnamon Stick is the perfect combination!
In North Karana grows the fabled Wild Cabbage.  It is thought that this item will grant some
short-term luck to those who carry or consume it.  I have been unable to verify these rumors, but not for lack of
Western Karana is a highly cultivated area, primarily by the
Miller family.  The respected Miller
Carrot can be found here, but the Millers have asked that you only harvest the
wild variety.  They must live off their
fields and ask that you not harvest the fruits of their labors.
There is an item in South Karana that is named for the
Centaurs that inhabit the area.  The
Thunderhoof Mushroom is found primarily in the northeastern area, but has been
found throughout the area in small numbers.
Most of the Lake Rathe area is, of course, water.  But on the few grassy inlets in the area,
one can find the tart Rathe Berries. They are quite flavorful and are also a favorite food of the Aviaks it
In another example of give and take, the Eggs of the
Basilisks, which trouble the Rathe Mountains can be gathered from the rocky caves the occupy.  Great care must be
taken in preparing these eggs.  They are
not to be eaten raw!  In their natural
form they will make someone quite ill, and can even kill children or elderly
people.  They must be thoroughly cooked
to be edible.
The Alligator Eggs of the Feerrott are a much safer
food.  One must be prepared to dodge
Ogres and alligators alike, however, while harvesting them. 
The strangest item I was able to locate was the Surefall Sap
in the Hills of Qeynos.  It is not
drinkable in its natural state, and diluting it to do so seems rather
pointless.  It may be best suited to use
as a seasoning or topping for other foods. It is rumored that the Surefall Sap is somehow used to make the highly
controversial Blackburrow Stout.
The cold inhospitable stretches of the Everfrost Peaks is a
difficult place for things to survive, but survive they do.  If you dig beyond the snow and deep into the
hard earth, you will find the uncommon Frost Turnip.  While a bit bland and tough, it is still edible, and is quite
enjoyable when steamed and seasoned slightly.
Odus is a small area, and as such has only one unique item
that I could locate.  The forests of
Toxxulia have a native tree which will yield the small Caynar Nut.  It is quite easy to fill a small bag with
these nuts from a single tree.
The Oceans
 There are two island areas, which can provide items to a
 The Ocean of Tears is home to the fruit known as the Marr
Cherry.  While these can be found wild
on many islands in the area, the Sisters of Erollisi are known to actively
cultivate this fruit for their own consumption. 
 Erud’s Crossing, between Qeynos and Erudin, is home to only
a single island.  But on the shores of
this island one can harvest Seahorse Roe. While possessing a strong odor, these water born eggs are quite tasty
when properly preserved and prepared.