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Hello there, Querus Allighari again.
I thought that you could use a few quests for us Druids
Quest #1~ Screaming Mace
Zone~ CrushBone
Level~ 16+ (maybe a little higher. Only attempt this at 16 if you have a full group to help you)
In Clan CrushBone, kill Emperor Crush. He will almost always drop the Dwarven Ringmail Tunic. It is a nice piece of armor, except for the fact that Druids can't wear it. Take the Tunic and go to the large cabin in the Slaver area. Give the tunic to the MIDDLE dwarven smith. Middle is important, the one on the end will not reward you. He will give you a Dwarven Mace in return for the tunic. Next, (and here is the boring part) wait for the orc Warlord to spawn. He spawns outside the Castle, around the moat. When he spawns, kill him. Hopefully he will drop the Bracer of Battle (This is a nice piece of armor that we can use, so you might want to do this a few times to get it) Give the bracer to the Elf Priest in the slaver cabin. He will give you a pair of shoulder-pads (Again good druid armor) Give the pads and the Dwarven mace to him. He will give you the screaming mace in return! The mace is a nice weapon that randomly casts a spell similar to Yalup II (Gives you strength and AC). This weapon procs at level 10 (This means that it won't cast the spell until you reach that level)
Quest #2~ Lightstones
Zone~ North Karana
Level~ 13-19
In North Karana, kill will-o-wisps, They are usually blue to green. They will drop three things: Lightstones, Greater Lightstones, and Burned out lightstones. Burned out are useless in this quest. Take the other two to the gypsy camp, and give them to the gypsy whose name begins with Mysila (I think) Give her the lightstones, and she will give you exp, and a copy of runes and research (I or II). These aren't much use to us, and they can sell for a few gps. If you give her a Greater Lightstone, she'll give you a Concord of Research, again, it is useless to us, but it sells for a decent amount of pp. Basically this quest gives you a lot of pp, and exp.
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Querus Allighari
Tunare Server