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Level 1 Spell Descriptions

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(Skin Like Wood) (Burst of Flame) (Minor Healing) (Snare) (Flame Lick) (Endure Fire) (Dance of the Fireflies) (Sense Animals) (Lull Animals) (Panic Animal)


Skin Like Wood - Every Caster type has a Buff spell that improved every 2 ranks.  Skin Like Wood is the type of Buff spell for Druids.  This is an excellent buff for newbie characters.  It gives +3 to your Armor Class and 10 to your total HP plus 1 every time you level.  The casting time is 3 Seconds and the skill used is Abjuration.  Always have this memorized to buff yourself and any group members because it is a great spell for only 10 mana.  It is eventually replaced by Skin Like Rock.  These two spells cannot stack.

Burst of Flame - Burst of Flame is the direct damage spell for level 1.  It costs 7 mana and does around 3-5 damage.  This isn't that great but it is as good as most of the other classes' direct damage spells.  You have to time the cast just right so that you cast it right about the monster hits you.  This way the spell will not be interrupted.  Keep this spell memorized and be ready to cast it at all times.

Minor Healing - Again, this spell is just as good as any other 1st level healing.  Its pretty useful for the first five levels, healing tanks and yourself but after that, its useless.  It only heals 10 points of damage which is great for level 1-5 but as I said, after that it heals practically nothing.  You could use it for a small restoration spell while in battle but that is pretty much it.

Snare - This spell is just plain awesome.  For only 15 mana it halves the speed of your opponent.  You can use this for the famous