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You will start out in Surefall Glade.  The hunting grounds you should hunt in are located in North Qeynos outside the gates.  They include rats, gnolls, bats, snakes, fire beetles, klicniks, and other easy monsters.  You first want to start out by buying your spells.

The Druid guild is the zone that you start in, Surefall.  In the zone you will find your Guildmaster.  First give him your note.  Then buy these spells (once you have the money) Burst of Flame and Snare.

Return to North Qeynos to hunt.  Fight rats, gnolls, bats, snakes, fire beetles, klicniks, etc.  Basically anything that gives you experience will be fine.  But watch out for the Queen Klicknik.  She is around level 10 and if you are fighting any of her kin she will attack you too.  When you get money from your kills, try and buy patchwork in South Qeynos from vendors.

Now you can move on to the Qeynos Hills.  Start by killing bats and gnolls.  Then move on the the Ruins where you can kill giant rats and putrid skeletons.  You might want to get a partner for this because they hit hard and cast Putrid Breath, a very annoying disease spell.  When you are overloaded, go to the house and sell to the people there.  Make sure not to kill bears or wolves for two reasons. 1)You are a Druid and the bears and wolves are their friends and 2)There are a couple NPC's in the teens, who hit for around 70 damage, and who kill you if you try to attack an animal when you are around them.

Now head back to Surefall Glade for your level 5 spells.  The major spells you need are Burst of Fire, Grasping Roots, Whirling Wind, Gate, Camouflage, and Harmony.  After you buy those and you have enough money to buy more buy these minor spells: Invoke Lightening, Cure Poison, and Cure Disease.

From level 6-7 start hunting at the Black Burrow entrance.  There you kill Gnolls and the exp goes quite fast.  Continue to sell at the house and try using all your spells instead of getting dependant on only one type.  It will make it much easier in the future if you know how to use all the different types of magic.

Now you can actually zone into BlackBurrow.  Stay on the surface and watch out for people who shout "TRAIN" because the trains there can be very nasty.  Hunt anything on the surface except for a giant plagued rat which is about level 13.

Now move down the the middle part of BlackBurrow also known as the lobby.  Pull gnolls to the lobby and then kill them.  They drop some stuff that you can sell at the house.  Do this until level 9 when you get new spells!

Return to Surefall Glade once again.  The major spells you will need are Ignite, Light Healing, and Shield of Thistles.  The minor spells you don't need but are nice are Enduring Breath, Firefist, Treeform, Strength of Earth, and Thistle Coat.

Now you can go even deeper into BlackBurrow.  The best place to hunt at level 9 is called the snake ledge.  To get there read the map of BlackBurrow.  Once you are there, start killing the giant snakes.  They can be pretty tough, hitting around 17, but what's really nice about them is that they don't aggro to you.  If you attack one with another right next to you, it will just stay there unless you attack it also.  Another nice thing about this place is that there are rarely ever trains pulled through that area.  Also, the loot is great.  They drop giant snake fangs which sell great to vendors and newbies.  It is very safe place with great experience and loot, theres not much else you can ask for?

Here we come elites!  You are ready to take on the Gnoll Elites and Commanders.  The best place to hunt in this level is the elite room.  Try and get a group together of enough people to take on the Elite Room.  There are 5 spawns of Elites all level 11-15.  If there are not enough people in BlackBurrow then get a partner to pull to the "Pit."

Now you start to get some nice helpful spells but the cost gets extreme.  Buy Bind affinity, summon food, summon drink, levitate, skin like rock, stinging swarm, and spirit of the wolf.  The minor spells are see invisible, befriend animal, cascade of hail, and halo of light.