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Click here for an in depth description of the Spells for Level 1

Name of Spell Casting Time Skill Used Mana Cost Brief Description
Skin Like Wood 3.0 Seconds Abjurations 10 Increases targets Max Hitpoints by 11 (by 20 at Level 10) and AC by 3.
Burst of Flame 1.5 Seconds Evocation 7 3-5 Fire Based Direct Damage
Minor Healing 1.0 Seconds Alteration 10 Healing (10 Hp)
Snare 2.0 Seconds Alteration 15 Lower movement rate of Target (41 % at level 1 to 55 % at level 15)
Flame Lick Unknown Evocation 15 Minus AC(-4AC) and 10 round 1/pt damage a round DoT
Endure Fire Unknown Abjuration 20 Minus AC(-4AC) and 10 round 1/pt damage a round DoT
Dance of the Fireflies Unknown Conjuration 10 Conjures Ball of Light - Night only
Sense Animals Unknown Divination 5 Point towards nearest animal
Lull Animals Unknown Alteration 10 Lower Animal Frenzy & Reaction
Panic Animal Unknown Alteration 10 NPC Animal Run away

Name of Spell Casting Time Skill Used Mana Cost Brief Description
Cure Poison 2.0 Seconds Alteration 20 Anti Poison
Cure Disease 2.0 Seconds Alteration 20 Anti Disease
Burst of Fire 1.8 Seconds Evocation 15 Direct Damage (12 at level 5 - 15 at level 8)
Ward Summoned Unknown Evocation 30 DD - Summoned (45 max damage)
Whirling Wind 1.8 Seconds Conjuration 24 Direct Damage (24dmg), stun
Invoke Lightning 2.5 Seconds Evocation 32 AE Direct Damage (24-25 damage)
Grasping Roots 2.0 Seconds Alteration 35 Root w/Damage (10 damage)
Camouflage 5.0 Seconds Divination 15 Invisible
Harmony 3.0 Seconds Abjuration 25 AE Lull
Gate 5.0 Seconds Alteration 70 Gate to Bind Location

Name Casting Time Skill Used Mana Cost Brief Description
Thistlecoat 2.0 Seconds Abjuration 25

Damage shield, Increase AC

Enduring Breath 4.0 Seconds Alteration 35 Allows you to breath underwater
Enduring Cold 2.5 Seconds Abjuration 20 Increase Resistance to Cold
Light Healing 2.0 Seconds Alteration 25 Heals damage done to target
Firefist 3.5 Seconds Evocation 30 Increase Attack of Caster
Ignite 2.1 Seconds Evocation 30 Fire based Direct Damage
Invisibility to Animals 3.0 Seconds Divination 30 Targeted person becomes invisible to animals
Strength of Earth 5.0 Seconds Alteration 40 Increase target's strength
Starshine 5.0 Seconds Conjuration 50 Creates a globe of light
Treeform 4.0 Seconds Alteration 25 Caster turns into a tree
Shield of Thistles 2.5 Seconds Abjuration 40 Gives target a damage shield

Spell Name Casting Time Skill Used Mana Cost Brief Description
Befriend Animal 4.0 Seconds Alteration 70 Charms an animal
Bind Affinity 6.0 Seconds Alteration 100 Binds target to a certain point
Cascade of Hail 2.75 Seconds Evocation 62 Cold based Area 'Rain' Spell
Expulse Summoned 2.75 Seconds Evocation 60 Direct Damage vs Summoned
Halo of Light 5.0 Seconds Conjuration 40 Summons light source worn on head
Invigor 3.5 Seconds Alteration 20 Increase Stamina on target
Levitate 3.0 Seconds Alteration 30 Levitates the target above the ground
See Invisible 2.0 Seconds Divination 25 Allows the target to see invisible
Skin Like Rock 5.0 Seconds Abjuration 60 Increases targets hitpoints and AC
Spirit of Wolf 4.5 Seconds Alteration 40 Increase movement rate of the target
Stinging Swarm 2.45 Seconds Conjuration 65 DoT (Damage over Time) Spell
Summon Drink 4.0 Seconds Conjuration 10 Summons a flask of water
Summon Food 4.0 Seconds Conjuration 10 Summons a loaf of bread