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Might I take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Aline Griffonfeather and I am a Erudite Wizard in the Norrath lands of Povar.  I decided to create this Druid site so that there would be two main Druid sites.  Two is better than one.  Also, for those of you finding it difficult to uncover information on Druids.  The site is under construction at the moment but please take a minute to send in any information you can find on Druids, for it will help greatly.

-Aline Griffonfeather


February 7, 2001                    Absor Talks about Test Server Changes

February 7, 2001                    Scheduled Downtime

February 7, 2001                    Test of Tactics Information

February 7, 2001                    Epic Quest Adventures Launched!

February 3, 2001                    Drastic Changes

January 29, 2001                    More Site Additions

January 28, 2001                    Site Additions

January 28, 2001                    Druid Epic Quest

January 27, 2001                    Site Additions

January 26, 2001                    Site Updates

January 25, 2001                    Site Poll

February 7, 2001

Absor Talks about Test Server Changes:


This found on the Official Everquest Boards:

-Dr wrote:

>"the new D&D rules are totally lame. Mages in plate armour? bah just plane silly"<

And, oddly enough, it was the D&D rules that first made us all think that spell casters should not be able to wear armorÖ

The changes you see on test are not in any way going to make warriors obsolete. They will still have the best defense and offensive power (when compared to the hybrids). They will still have a significant hit point advantage. They will still have the best armor and weapons, and the greatest versatility in equipment.

Also, the changes you see are not likely to be the last. They were generated from the talks we've been having, and they were the most obvious changes to address the hybrid classes. We are not done evaluating things, as should be obvious by the fact that I've only just opened the last to hybrid talks today.

Slackjaw wrote:

>"The thing that _does_ bother me, in reflection, is that aside from fixing a bug with 2 disciplines, it appears that the other warrior concerns were deemed inappropriate."<

My comments above apply to all classes. These are just the immediate and obvious changes. We have not delved into the entirety of class balance, and we haven't even finished all the talks.

Let's not jump the gun here.




Scheduled Downtime:


This found on the Everquest Scheduled Downtime Page:

Scheduled maintenance for Wednesday, February 7th at 2am PST.

On Wednesday, February 7th, at 2am PST, the following servers: Eci, Drinal, Tholuxe Paells, Bristlebane, Druzzil Ro, Fennin Ro, Innoruuk, Luclin, Terris Thule, and Vazaelle will be brought down for maintenance. Estimate downtime is 1 hour.

On Wednesday, February 7th at 3am PST, Brell Serilis, Rathe and Lanys will be brought down for maintenance. Estimated downtime is 6 hours.

On Wednesday, February 7th, at 8am PST, E'ci will be brought down for maintenance. Estimated downtime is 8 hours.

On Thursday, February 8th, at 8am PST, Innoruuk will be brought down for maintenance. Estimated downtime is 8 hours.

On Friday, February 9th, at 8am PST, Fennin Ro will be brought down for maintenance. Estimated downtime is 8 hours.


Test of Tactics Info:


This was found on the Harpy's Tavern Message Boards:


Finalized Rules

Test of Tactics II
Single Elimination 6 vs. 6 competition for all rounds.

Dates: February 7th though the 22nd on Live Servers, times will be posted at least 48 hours in advance.

Final is on Test Server, February 24th and 25th, at Noon, all capable servers will be represented.

Spectator and General Rulings

Guides and GMís are considered judges and therefore restricted from being attacked. Anyone found attacking a GM or Guide may be banished from the Arena or death touched without warning.

The Arena is off limits to unauthorized PvP 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after the event. This is to ensure that the contestants and spectators are safe.

Spectators shall remain seated and not casting during the match. Any spell casting shall be considered aimed at a participant, and either harmful or helpful to someone in the match. Anyone who casts any spells (including Bard songs) during a match can be death touched and removed from the Arena.

Spectators shall not use /shout for any reason, but use /ooc instead. This is so that those involved in the match can use /shout, and the /ooc channel can be turned off to reduce distraction to the contestants involved. Use of /shout at anytime can result in a silence command being issued, rendering the player unable to use any form of communication, or banishment from the Arena.

Spectators shall not interfere with this event. Severe penalties are used only when directly attacking a player involved in the match, attacking a judge during the match, or healing a player involved in a match.

VI may limit the amount of people in the zone to control conditions of lag or frame rate for the participants. The event shall start open seating, but may close off at any time. The Event Staff may use any sort of decision on who stays and who leaves to ensure the event is a success. This should not be implemented until a minimum of 150 players in the zone has been reached.

AoE Spells ARE allowed in game. This has the potential of killing off some of the younger spectators, if you are killed by one of these spells, please pull your corpse out of the PvP area and await for a GM or Guide to give you a resurrection.

Combatant Rules

An entry fee of 5,000 platinum pieces will be required per seven-man teams. Money is to be given to an
Event Coordinator and is due before the first match. Teams may waive the fees with the understanding of
waiving the prizes.

First Place on the Server will be awarded the title of "The Tactician" to the captain of the team; in addition, all team members will be awarded the Golden Championship Ring. First place in Finals competition, all team memberís rings will be replaced by the Platinum Championship Ring.

Seven-Man teams can be made up of any race/class combination of levels 52 or greater. Only six may compete per match and teams may switch out any team member for the seventh player between the matches. Once the buffing period starts, switching may not take place until after the match.

No more then two of any one class on a single team will be allowed.

The seventh man out is free to coach his teammates from the side lines or top of throne and will be allowed to use any in game channels to do so.

All participants will be debuffed before the match.

A buffing period will be set for the first 30 seconds of a match followed immediately by combat. Mana will not be replenished after the 30-second period. The seventh man out may not help buff his teammates. Any created pets must stay in bounds just the same as any member of the team. If they cross the line into the other teamís area, the judges shall immediately kill the pet. Pet control will be key and pets should be made as far back from the other team as possible.

Limited Activatable items will be authorized, these items include ONLY the following.

Journeyman's Boots
Crystallized Pumice (Egg-shaped Pumice is not allowed)
ANY Epic Quest item is authorized to be held and right clicked.

With exception to the aforementioned items with activatable properties, all items, weapons, and armor will be allowed in this event. Activatable items of any kind may only be used for stat bonuses and processes. The right clickable effects are prohibited and will result in disqualification if used.

Unauthorized Spell List

Any form of Fear, unless directed at a pet
Any form of Charm, unless directed at a pet
Gravity Flux or Invert Gravity
Group based wolf form of any kind
Skeletal Illusions, not including Lich or Demi Lich
Bard Travel Songs

In the event that the combat exceeds 30 minutes of real time, then the Event Staff will cast an AoE Snare spell in the direct center of the platform every 2 minutes until combat is over.

The top of the throne is off limits to the combatants during the matches. The only people that may use the top of the throne are the seventh person of the teams and any press that are allowed to witness the match. The four firepots are also off limits to the combatants.

Starting positions are allowed anywhere that is legal (meaning not on the throne or in firepots) that is on your half of the tiles.

Judges reserve the right to disallow fleeing to take advantage of regeneration by giving warnings for delay of match. A third warning will result in disqualification of the player. This is to prevent 60+ minute matches that were seen in Test of Tactics I.

Any use of exploits or bugs will result in immediate disqualification from the event, and is a break in the rules of conduct as set forth on

Rallos Zek Specific Rule: There shall be no looting of any item at an event, this includes spectators. Anyone found player killing for profit at an event shall have action taken against their account.

Tallon Zek and Vallon Zek Rule: You may request to have your faction restored to the condition it was in at the last available save. This is to ensure that no unnecessary faction hits are taken at an event.

Test Server Finals

Those champions who go to Test are bound by additional rules: The character used for the event cannot adventure on Test for any reason. Handing off even the smallest items to a player on Test is considered duplication, resulting in a warning against the account, and loss of that item on your home server. Those found extremely abusing this rule may have further action taken against the account at the discretion of the EQ development team.

The transfer of characters to Test is midnight (give or take an hour) PST the night before the main event. Lake Rathetear will be shut down several hours before the main event. The only characters allowed in the Arena on Test for the main event will be the champions, the judges of the event and the event staff, other members of Verant Interactive, and members of the press who signed up with Lady Daegarmo at least three days in advance via email.

All other characters on Test found in the Arena during the main event will be summoned out of the zone and bound so they cannot return. If a second character is found to enter the Arena for any reason, it could be considered disruption and subject to action taken against the account.

Test of Tactics II Schedule is available at events link and on the Harpy's Head Tavern

Be advised that we will be holding a competition on Test Server to determine the Test Server Champions and "Home Team"

More information about the Test Server rules will be released shortly

Lady Daegarmo



Epic Quest Adventures Launched:

I have launched the new Epic Quest Adventures.  Its a webpage devoted to giving you the best walkthroughs for Epic Quests of all classes.  Take a visit and tell me what you think.



February 3, 2001

Drastic Changes:
It seems that there have been some major changes made on the test server following up on the Class Threads.  There aren't changes for all the classes but it is thought that there will be soon.  I found the changed information on Casters Realm.  Here is the stuff that will effect druids:

Superior Healing moved to level 51 for shamans and druids. casting difficulty reduced.
New level 55 Druid and shaman spell, Chloroblast, similar to remedy for clerics.
New Druid spell at level 60, upgrade to superior healing, Natures Touch.

And heres the rest of the things changed for your alternates:


Add Endure Magic spell at level 30
Add Resist Magic at 55
Move Guard spell from 49 to 39
Move Armor of Faith from 53 to 49
New level 53 paladin spell, Divine Glory, clone of divine strength but 100 hp instead of 200
New level 59 spell, Celestial Cleansing 110 hp healdot per tick, for 4 ticks. 1.5 second casting time. Recast time 30 secs.
Defense skill cap made exactly same as warriors


Remove artificially inflated mana cost for pre level 50 lifetap spells
Move Spirit Tap to level 55
Move Drain Spirit to level 57
Add Drain Soul at level 60
Grim Aura added at level 22
Move Shieldskin to level 34
Mini Intensify Death pet buff added at 29, 10% (min) haste 5 str 5 ac
Add Diamondskin spell at 59
Defense skill cap made exactly same as warriors


Add Endure Cold at 22
Add Skin Like Nature at 59
Add FireFist at 22
Move Bramblecoat from 49 to 39
Add Spikecoat at 49
Add resist cold at 55
Add Panic Animal at 22
Offense and weapons skill made identical to warriors


Cassindra`s Chant of Clarity for Bards at level 20
Bards defensive skill made exactly the same as a warriors


New level 59 spell, Valiant Companion, makes pet immune to fear (own pet only)
New level 39 spell, Summon Companion, if pet not noticed by any hostile npcs, pet returns to you instantly.
Rain spells no longer count pets against total number of entities they can damage (all rain spells)
Expedience for Mages at level 29. Target casters pet, J Boot speed buff for pet only


Aggressive and Defensive disciplines fixed before they would only affect damage taken and not affect damage dealt out. Now they affect both as designed.
New Scrolls are temporarily avaiable in East Commons


January 29, 2001

More Site Additions:

Equipment: Crown of Rile (Individual Page)



January 28, 2001

Site Additions:

Equipment: Circlet of Tallon (Individual Page), Crown of King Tranix (Individual Page), Crown of Leaves (Individual Page)




Druid Epic Quest:

Due to some confusion about the Druid Epic Quest Walkthrough I have changed it thanks to the Graphics Staff.  The Speckled Mushroom from Innothule Swamp is actually a Speckled Moldy Mushroom.  Do not confuse this with a speckled toadstool.  The Frozen Tundra Root from Everfrost Peaks is actually a Chilled Tundra Root.  Do not confuse this with simple Chunk of Frozen Tundra.  Thanks Dioneann and Draklinthor for the update.



January 27, 2001

Site Additions:

Equipment: Chieftan's Headdress (Individual Page)



January 26, 2001

Site Updates:

Walkthrough: 44-50 Halfling Druid

Thanks to the wonderful Mechy Darktower I have been able to add level 44-50 to the halfling druid walkthrough.




January 25, 2001

Site Poll:

We want to know what you think the site should look like!  Please take a minute to fill in the poll below.  It is very important that we know what you want so that we can make this place enjoyable for everyone.


Website Layout Poll
Should I use frames on my site or just have one pages with tables?

Frames (Stay the Same)
Tables (No Frames)







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